Depending on the format the painting will be made at the studio over several weeks or months. First drafts are developed on the basis of numerous studies and sketches, which establish the basis for the later painting. Commissioned work concerning horses are usually based on photographs, obtained during a visit to the clients´s place and the meeting of the horse. In consultation with the client and taking into account the spatial conditions drafts are developed and commissioned work with a unique artistical character evolve. Other paintings arise out of phases of creative ideas.


Commissioned horse paintings Kerstin Tschech


After the canvas has been hand-made and equipped with three-dimensional elements, the application of layers of paste-like paint begins. Utmost attention is focused on the proportions and the harmony of the whole composition, to grant the desired recognition effect. The paint of choice is mostly acrylic due to the suitability of its drying characteristics. A special varnish provides protection and shine.


 Horses on canvas
Especially for painting horses it is important to be able to draw naturalistically. Anatomical studies are the prerequisite to depict correct proportions and to paint abstract details. To bring out the horse´s character is the main difficulty with the artistic translation.
Equestrian Artist Kerstin Tschech
Horse portraits modern art