At special request exclusive pieces can be commissioned.

Prior to actually starting the work, style, material and dimension will individually be determined with the customer. The options for the painting ranges from abstract to figurative. For a painting of a particular horse, photographs are necessary. These can be taken by the artist herself.

More information: PHOTOGRAPHY


Commissioned horse paintings


Customer-specific agreements

A visit to the customer´s home offers the opportunity to view the premises and provide expert advice on the painting in reference to architecture and interior design. On site the size of the prospective painting can be determined and suggestions concerning compostition, colour scheme and subject can be offered.

In case you would like an appointment to consult the artist on a painting please get in contact. For better planning please note if photographs of your horses should be taken. Those can be provided to you digitally if required.



The prices are charged according to effort and scope and calculated individually on request. They include the painting in acrylic on canvas, with three-dimensional elements if applicable. The formats can be made as required.

Sports Horses Painting

Portrait Dressage Horses
Acrylic on Canvas | 0,90 x 1,40 m

We had commissioned a portrait of my wife´s mare. Excellently made... even my wife said that...and she had her mare for 22 years.