Anyone who experiences Kerstin Tschech’s works will feel her passion for horses.
Her paintings are filled with emotion and tension and communicate the horse’s vigor, charm, and grace. Her style is unmistakable. Powerful colors in paintings with dynamic elements and tension leave the viewer with enthralling impressions. When taking a close look at the large format paintings one can almost hear the animals snuffling and feel their muscles flex. She wants to fascinate the observers by making them “experience the horses“.

Kerstin Tschech completed her degree in design at the university of Würzburg and Bournemouth, where she focused manly on art, painting and photography. After being self-employed at an advertising agency for several years, she dedicates herself exclusively to the art of painting. At first she created mainly realistic oil paintings, but later her pieces became more and more abstract. After a number of exhibitions in art gallaries she began spellbinding horses on canvas, which has been her artistic focus for several years now.

Animated by the time she spent in different stud farms, she seized the impressions of temperamental horses and vivid natural tones of colour and rendered them in many of her pieces. But also dressage and jumping horses fascinate the artist and are realized artistically in paintings of large formats. The deliberately free and dynamic use of the paint brush, which is accentuated by precise outlines, let the observer’s attention travel across the canvas. The dynamic elements, which have an expressionistic touch, serve to reflect upon the elegance and strong expressions of the horse. A symbiosis of tranquillity and movement, of lighting and shadow takes place. In some of her compositions the artist incorporates pictographic elements or pre-selected motifs into the piece, which, through its abstract subtext, still leaves space for imagination. Her work, which presents both vivid and abstract elements, radiates warmth and luminance, dynamics and passion. Through the unique artistic realisation of her ideas, she gives the observer a chance to be enchanted by the fascination of horses and at the same also learn something about himself.

Kerstin Tschech receives inspiration from motion studies, photographs, visitis of stud farms domestically and abroad, but also from the work she does with horses themselves.

This also explains how sie was able to present her work with great international success.

Through my paintings I try to offer a chance for experiencing the fascination horse. This works out especially when the viewer keeps discovering more and more details and emotionally finds himself in my work.
Equestrian Art Kerstin Tschech