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The artist Kerstin Tschech is dedicated in her artwork to the theme of horses. Inspired by these noble animals, peaces of art full of dynamic, passion and expressive power will be created.

At special request exclusive pieces can be commissioned. The options for this paintings ranges from abstract all the way to figurative. You can get in contact with the artist and your ideas will be determined individually.
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Here you will find information on past and upcoming exhibitions. We look forward to your visit and you are cordially invited to see the new peaces of art.
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Clients of Kerstin Tschech can be found around the world. She has been painting for the Spanish Court Riding-School, for arabian stud farms as well as for the dressage and show jumping elite.
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Due to their individuality they constitute unique and at the same time timeless values.

All paintings by Kerstin Tschech are unique peaces and hand-made. They provide admirers of art and horses with an opportunity to acquire authentic originals and to enhance their home or business rooms with prestigious pieces of art. The originals provide a chance for the spectator to continuously discover new details. The eye may wander through elements like structure, sand, pasty-like paint application and varnish. Especially paintings of horses call forth emotions like happiness, freedom, tranquility and confidence and have a positive influence on the room´s atmosphere. Unique items also constitute a lasting store of value. Each original will be provided with a certificate of authenticity.

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Dear friends of Art and Horses, to take delight in the fascination horse even in your home, you will find a variety of horse motifs in the Online-Shop PFERDEKUNST. The Originals are painted by Kerstin Tschech and found new owner worldwide. The offer in the Online-Shop ranges from high-quality Artprints on Acrylic Glass to hand made Reproductions with Texture on Canvas.

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By putting my ideas into practice, I want to offer the viewer the opportunity to reflect his emotions.

I try to accomplish this via a symbiosis of tranquility and motion, light and shadow, figurative and abstracting elements. Thus I want to show the interaction of these contrary poles and their correlation. In particular I am fascinated by the subject horse in regard to action and reaction.

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A creative idea is the ultimate form of energy

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Available and sold Original Paintings


Originals available

Horse Painting
Original Painting, Acrylic on Canvas, 1,60 x 1,50 m


Originals sold

Equestrian Art
Original Painting, Acrylic on Canvas, 1 x 1 m


Originals sold

Animal Painting
Original Painting, Acrylic on Canvas, 1 x 0,40 m


Originals available

Modern Abstract Painting
Original Painting, Acrylic on Canvas, 60 x 60 cm

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